Thousands Tell Governor Brown “Don’t Frack California!”

Are you so passionate about an issue that you would be willing to board a charter bus at 1:00 am in the morning, ride for 10 hours to a rally, spend three hours at the rally holding signs, chanting, listening to speakers, marching, and then immediately re-board the bus for another all night 10 hour ride home? That’s exactly what 50 San Diegans did on the weekend of March 15th including club members Peg Mitchell (the organizer of the bus), and Nancy Oechsle.

It was well …

Club Members Attend State Democratic Party Convention in LA

The weekend of March 7-8 was indeed a busy one for Mary Borevitz, Betty Ball, Pia Harris-Ebert, Pam and Gary Bland, Peg Mitchell, and Myrna Baker who attended the State Democratic Party convention in Los Angeles. Everyone who attended with the exception of Gary were elected delegates. Gary was planning on attending merely as an observer, however, two hours after he arrived that all changed. As Gary described, “At four o’clock on Friday, the first day of the convention, I was simply an attendee, but …

Update From the California Clean Money Campaign

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Jerry Brown – Steamin’ And A-Rollin’ on the California Express

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