March 11, 2020 Meeting

Dear Friends and Members of the Spring Valley Lemon Grove Democratic Club,

Our meeting this month is on Wednesday, March 12, 2020, at 6:30.

We have so much to talk about this month! We will have a look at the high and low of March 3rd. George is look at a speaker to help with the debrief but if note we have some great minds in the membership to tap into for a great conversation. We will also then be looking ahead to the Club’s mission for 2020 remaining opportunities as we move into Summer!

Our location is
The North West Corner of Citronica Two Apartment the Community Room, 7701 North Ave Suite #102 Lemon Grove 91945 There is parking in the trolly lot or the street in the surrounding neighborhood, please do not park in the complex.
Cynthia Jurado

Spring Valley Lemon Grove Democratic Club

Election Results: As of Wednesday Morning…

Democrats for Equality,

One of the most consequential primary elections of our time, resulted in some wins and losses.

Despite the nervousness of seemingly low ballot returns as late as last week, Democrats across the nation, across California, and here locally seem to have turned out in force yesterday.

So what we’ll do here is go through our Voter Guide into the races we considered and made recommendations in to see how well we did.

Obviously, there are thousands of late absentee ballots left to be counted, and those will be tallied in the days and weeks ahead.

The following is with 100% of the precincts reporting at 3:30 this morning — and yes, I’m up this late to type all this out because your club president loves you.

PRESIDENT: Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren

Bernie Sanders appears to have the lead across California and in San Diego County. Elizabeth Warren appears to have placed 4th statewide and countywide.


PROPOSITION 13 (Statewide): YES
MEASURE B (Countywide): NO
MEASURE C (City of San Diego): YES
MEASURE D (City of San Diego): YES
MEASURE E (City of Chula Vista): YES

Unfortunately, the statewide educational facilities bond appears headed to defeat. Measure C is currently over 63% and needs two-thirds to pass. However, the final result may not be known for several weeks depending on how late absentee and provisional ballots go.

Meanwhile, we were on the right side of Measures B, D, and E.


DISTRICT 49: Mike Levin
DISTRICT 50: Ammar Campa-Najjar
DISTRICT 52: Scott Peters
DISTRICT 53: Georgette Gomez or Sara Jacobs

It appears our club went 100% on our congressional choices.

In the 50th Congressional District, it appears that Ammar Campa-Najjar will be facing off against former Congressman Darrell Issa. So… although Carl DeMaio appears to have lost another congressional race, he did come in 1st for the Republican Central Committee… so, ya know… consolation prize, I guess?


DISTRICT 39: Toni Atkins

Our Senate President pro Tempore was unopposed — as it should be.


DISTRICT 71: Elizabeth Lavertu
DISTRICT 76: Tasha Boerner-Horvath
DISTRICT 77: Brian Maienschein
DISTRICT 78: Chris Ward
DISTRICT 79: Dr. Shirley Weber
DISTRICT 80: Lorena Gonzalez

It appears our club went 100% on our Assembly choices.

By the way, it was mentioned last week that no Republican candidate in the 77th Assembly District has ever won the primary election by less than 12 points. Our endorsed candidate Brian Maienschein is leading by 9 points — that is a 21-point swing towards the Democratic candidate in only two years! Go Brian!


OFFICE 18: Roberta Winston
OFFICE 22: Alana Wong Robinson
OFFICE 30: Tim Nader
OFFICE 36: Michelle Ialeggio

It appears Roberta Winston was unsuccessful, however Alana Wong Robinson appears to have won outright, and Tim Nader will be in a run-off this November.

Michelle Ialeggio absolutely crushed the soul of her racist, sexist, transphobic opponent — and in a fitting form of justice, the most qualified woman in the race won, and won big. Michelle Ialeggio received the most votes of any candidate running countywide — she’s at 299,039 votes at this time — and will end up well north of 300,000 votes when it’s all counted.


DISTRICT 1: Nora Vargas
DISTRICT 2: Kenya Taylor
DISTRICT 3: Olga Diaz or Terra Lawson-Remer

As we wait for the final tally to be counted, Nora Vargas is a hair away from advancing into the run-off for Supervisor in District 1. Sadly, the numbers are not promising for Kenya Taylor to advance into the run-off.

In the hotly-contested District 3 Supervisor race, it appears that Terra Lawson-Remer will be facing off against the Trump Republican incumbent.



SAN DIEGO UNIFIED DISTRICT A: Steph Groce or Sabrina Bazzo

It appears our club went 100% on choices for Community College. Sadly, it does not look like Steph Groce will be moving forward in the San Diego Unified election.


MAYOR: Todd Gloria

Todd Gloria made history last night, and it looks like he may face Republican Scott Sherman in the run-off. We’ll have to wait to see the final result after all the ballots are counted to determine for certainty who Todd’s opponent will be.

Meanwhile, Mara Elliott crushed it in her primary performance earning over two-thirds of the vote.


DISTRICT 1: Joe LaCava or Will Moore
DISTRICT 3: Stephen Whitburn
DISTRICT 5: Marni von Wilpert
DISTRICT 7: Raul Campillo
DISTRICT 9: Kelvin Barrios

It appears our endorsed candidates Stephen Whitburn, Raul Campillo, and Kelvin Barrios all strongly came in first in their elections. Marni von Wilpert is 20 votes from first place as of Wednesday morning.

Also, it should be noted that collectively Democratic candidates earned over 56% of the vote in Council District 5, and over 68% of the vote in Council District 7. Republican-turned-NPP Mark Kersey currently holds District 5, and Republican Scott Sherman holds District 7.

As of this morning, Joe LaCava is moving ahead to the run-off while it remains to be seen who he will be facing in District 1.


DISTRICT 3: Steve Padilla
DISTRICT 4: Andrea Cardenas

It appears our club went 100% on our choices for Chula Vista City Council. Our LGBTQ incumbent Councilmember Steve Padilla has a 21-point lead over his nearest opponent and is well over 50%.

Meanwhile, Democratic candidates collectively received over 50% of the vote in District 4 against Anti-LGBTQ incumbent Mike Diaz. This dude hangs out, and otherwise openly communicates, with members of the noted hate group MassResistance. It will be a priority for this club to get Andrea Cardenas across the finish line in November.


DISTRICT 1: Cori Schumacher

Our trailblazing LGBTQ Councilmember Cori Schumacher looks to have easily won the special election in Carlsbad for District 1. Councilmember Schumacher will now have the opportunity to continue to serve on council for the next three years.

All in all, our club was on the right side in at least three of five ballot measures, and out of the elections we endorsed a candidate in, we were successful in all but three — and that’s assuming Nora Vargas does not advance to the run-off.

Not bad at all.

Of course, as ballots continue to be counted, we’ll be sure to update you if anything significant changes.

Now… time for sleep.

I love you all,

Ryan Trabuco
Club President
San Diego Democrats for Equality


It has been an honor to serve as your Coronado Democratic Club president for the past two and one-half years. As my term comes to a close, I’d like to reflect on some of the ways our club has grown and changed, and I also wish to look to the future of our club. Since I took office as president, our membership grew by 20 members, to 171. This is not a testament to my popularity; rather it’s because you, the members, have invited your friends and neighbors to check out our club, and they have responded positively because they like our programming and some of our advocacy activities.

We owe a big round of applause to our Vice President and Program Chair, Susan Marrinan, for the interesting and informative programs we have enjoyed over the past year. Together with our friends at the Imperial Beach Democratic Club, we sponsored a forum of candidates for the Board of Supervisors District 1. We collaborated again more recently to hold a forum on ballot measures and candidates for Judge of the Superior Court. Four open countywide seats are up for election; this gives the voters an unusual opportunity to select some of our local judges. 

I’d also like to thank the people who work hard to make our club run smoothly. Our Secretary, Ann Rutherford and Treasurer, Pat Callahan, keep our books and records in top shape. Our Membership Chair, Mercy Mandelbaum, works overtime to make sure our membership roster is as timely and accurate as can be. Patti Flores-Charter chairs our Fourth of July Committee and Scholarship Committee. And, of course, we are grateful to Hospitality Chair Jenna McIntosh and her volunteers for providing the coffee and decadent treats we enjoy at each of our meetings. 

Every meeting, several members come early and stay late to set up and take down the tables and chairs we use for our meetings. These unsung heroes’ (and heroines’) efforts are most appreciated as we couldn’t easily hold our meetings without them! A big thank you to everyone who does the heavy lifting.

Coronado Democratic Club members have been active volunteers in the campaigns of candidates for public office. In 2018, some of our members canvassed for the campaigns of candidates for neighboring Congressional seats. This year, we again have a GO Team whose mission is to maximize the turnout of local Democrats in our elections, and to educate them as to the Party’s endorsed candidates and recommendations on ballot measures.

The San Diego County Democratic Party’s largest fundraising event each year is the Roosevelt Dinner. In 2018 and 2019, the Coronado Democratic Club was well represented and filled a table of 10. This year, I would like to see our club double its representation at this event by filling two tables. 

Our next General Membership Meeting will, of course, be our Blue Wave Brunch. Our Committee has done a great job of organizing the first of what we hope will be our signature annual event. Indications are that this may well be our best-attended meeting ever. I look forward to seeing you there and to welcoming our new officers for 2020.


Please volunteer! 

Thanks to Patricia Leahy, we have a photographer coming to the brunch and are very pleased to be able to make a record for our club history.

The local paper is interested in photos from our meetings to run with articles so we are looking for a team of members who can volunteer for different meetings to commemorate the occasions and events.

Do you enjoy photographing interesting events and people? If the answer is “Yes”, please volunteer to take some photos at some of our meetings. Help us capture the highlights of our meetings for our website, the local press and our newsletter.

The photography team will also take photos at other club events such as the ADL walk against hate next April 26th and the 4th of July Parade. These photos of meetings and other events will be in our newsletter, on our website and accompany press releases. 

If you are interested in joining the Photography Team, please contact Susan Marrinan at [email protected].