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Help the San Diego Democratic Women’s Club

Several people have asked me  how to help keep the San Diego Democratic Women’s Club going. I am happy to report that Pat Washington will continue with the club for another year, but she needs help. It is unfair to expect the same people to do all the work.  All of our clubs need to have people step up to help with the officer positions. The Women’s Club is an affinity club that at least half of us can consider if we want to participate in more than an area club. For those of you who are willing, please pass the membership application on.
Thanks for your consideration.
Ruth Rollins

2013 Official Application form for SDDWC

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Organize to Stop the NRA and Keep America Safer

Bowling for Columbine

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Join MoveOn and Michael Moore by hosting a “Tenth Anniversary Bowling for Columbine” House Party, on Saturday, March 23rd.

Follow the link to Michael Moore’s easy Four Steps to Host a “Tenth Anniversary” House Party and share in the conversation and join an online discussion with Michael Moore and others to plan “concrete steps to force Congress to stop taking orders from the NRA and start listening to us.”

Let’s organize to stop the National Rifle Association and keep America safer.

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April Monthly Meeting Speaker Announced

The assault on Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and the mass murder of children and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the village of Sandy Hook, CT has made us painfully aware of the gun violence around us and our vulnerability. Interpretation of the Second Amendment – ‘the right to bear arms’ – is critical to the search for a solution to this challenge. At our April meeting we have invited Laurie Richards to talk about the genesis and the legal aspects of the second amendment. Laurie Richards has been an attorney …