Keeping the Social Contract


by Jerry Greenspan


When you look down on the broken

Are you surprised that no praise

Is offered up for your continued acceptance

Of their use of free emergency care?


Is it the certainty that the hungry

Waste their food stamps on specialty desserts,

From your local Whole Foods,

That causes you to oppose free food for the needy?


Does the need for an open, honest election

Prompt you to require personal identification

From people unable to meet the requirement

Within the narrow bounds you would allow?


Was the prosperity of the 1990’s

Insufficient for your growing “needs”,

Requiring a furtherance of the already

Disproportionate tax burden borne by others?


Why do you view the social contract,

That ushered in the greatness of America,

A greatness that might be shared by all the people,

An unacceptable weight after 75 years?


When did immigrants ,

A keystone of our continued strength,

Become so terrible a load,

That you wish to refuse them entry?


How is it you did not hesitate to call for war

When rumor of potential weapons,

That we consider essential,

Are believed soon to be available to others?


Have you become so fixed

In your universe

That you oppose any rule,

That strikes a note of charity or understanding?

Two true stories about Bob Filner

When he was elected to Congress in 1992, Bob Filner was assigned to a committee chaired by one Sonny Montgomery from Mississippi.  Protocol required that the new congressman and the chairman should meet informally and that the chair subsequently would introduce the congressman at the first meeting of the committee.

Canvassing in Carmel Valley on the GO Team

Although I have been a life-long Democrat, this was the first election in which I committed to spending precious weekend days knocking on doors and getting out the vote.

Had I not been a member of the Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club, I would not have volunteered for such an experience.  But who could say “no” to Marilee Mclean, with her angelic face and deep blue eyes, not to mention her frequent pleas for residents of Carmel Valley to volunteer their time.

Peters, Roberts, Filner, Obama

San Diego County Registrar, 3 am, 100% counted, CD52:
Scott Peters     103878
Brian Bilbray    103193

County Supervisor:
Dave Roberts    69131
Steve Danon     67235

San Diego Mayor:
Bob Filner      165687
Carl Dimaio    155871