Jess Durfee Addresses Club Members

Jess Durfee, newly retired San Diego Democratic Party Chairman, addressed members of the Lake San Marcos Democratic Club at their monthly meeting this past Saturday. Jess began  by recalling what goals he had established for himself when he first took the position back in 2004 and as he read through them all it quickly became apparent that he more than succeeded in achieving all of them.

Before Jess’s presentation, he invited Dave Roberts to also address the club. Dave thanked the club for its endorsement and …

Message from Club President Mary Borevitz

I want to personally thank everyone who came out to vote in Escondido on Saturday for the Lake San Marcos endorsed slate for delegates to the Democratic State convention.  Everyone won!!




All of these individuals will be attending the State Democratic Convention as Delegates thanks to you all who took the time to come early to vote,  paid your $5.00, and elected the whole slate.  Thanks also to …

Del Mar Fairground Gun Shows – Ban or Pan?

I recently received a request to sign a petition calling for The Board of Directors of the 22nd Agricultural District, which controls the Del Mar Fairgrounds, to cease any new gun show contracts now and in the future.  This effort is in response to the recent tragic shooting of children in Connecticut.  While my initial response to this petition was spontaneously supportive, the gun control debate has reached critical mass and I feel it is important to thoroughly think through the issue.

The President’s New Years Message

I hope your holidays have been ones that refreshed and invigorated you and your family and friends.  

 John Martes

As you may know, our East County Democratic Club (ECDC) has lost a co-president, John Martes.  His wife, Gloria Martes, first vice president, kindly sent an invitation to a celebration of his life on January 5, at the Elks Lodge in El Cajon.  The room was completely filled, and many had to remain outside in the hall area.  It was truly a fine celebration of John’s life.  Both family and friends made laudatory comments about his unusual record of accomplishments and generous acts of kindness.   We all miss him.

Bonnie Price

Keeping the Social Contract


by Jerry Greenspan


When you look down on the broken

Are you surprised that no praise

Is offered up for your continued acceptance

Of their use of free emergency care?


Is it the certainty that the hungry

Waste their food stamps on specialty desserts,

From your local Whole Foods,

That causes you to oppose free food for the needy?


Does the need for an open, honest election

Prompt you to require personal identification

From people unable to meet the requirement

Within the narrow bounds you would allow?


Was the prosperity of the 1990’s

Insufficient for your growing “needs”,

Requiring a furtherance of the already

Disproportionate tax burden borne by others?


Why do you view the social contract,

That ushered in the greatness of America,

A greatness that might be shared by all the people,

An unacceptable weight after 75 years?


When did immigrants ,

A keystone of our continued strength,

Become so terrible a load,

That you wish to refuse them entry?


How is it you did not hesitate to call for war

When rumor of potential weapons,

That we consider essential,

Are believed soon to be available to others?


Have you become so fixed

In your universe

That you oppose any rule,

That strikes a note of charity or understanding?