We’re Taking Names

We’re Taking Names! – Dems for Equality grassroots tradition continues      This election San Diego Democrats for Equality is working hard to return to our club’s tradition of providing critical grassroots volunteer support for all of our priority races. Our priority candidates for the General Election are: Bob Filner, Mayor of San Diego Scott Peters, 52nd […]

Obama Watch Party 2012

On Thursday, September 6th, Americans will come together in Charlotte to join President Obama and Vice President Biden as they officially accept our party’s nomination. Come watch President Obama’s speech as he accepts the Democratic Party nomination at the Democratic National Convention on the screens of Martinis Above Fourth, 3940 4th Ave, Second Floor, 92103 with […]

The June Co-President’s Message from John and Bonnie

We need to find a way to help our fellow democratic even though their problem is not in our back yard. We have to work to build unity in our Party and community. We can help other communities to achieve results for the people by our activism and leadership. Local government needs to be watched and call on to do the right thing, and we need to step up.
Our club was opposed to proposition “D” for the city of El Cajon. We had only six volunteers to make calls to our base. Bonnie Price paid for bumper stickers. We didn’t have  enough people to make the calls and walk precincts. Even with this small group of people we were able to get 42% of the voters to vote against proposition “D.” It makes me wonder if “D” would have passed if we could have found twelve volunteers. I called everyone in my precinct and when they answered their phone I was able to get a 99% to vote no on “D.” You don’t have to commit a large amount of time to any project, just commit a reasonable amount of time that you can live with and do some work.

I will be asking you to contribute some effort to our GOTV team to make a difference in the November election. The best definition of getting Democrats to vote and work together is, “it is like herding cats”. However, this herding is very necessary to keep the 1% from stealing the election. Remember the only thing that the 1% doesn’t have is the truth, and they will tell lies in the media repeatedly. They believe that if you hear it enough time you will believe it as the truth. Volunteerism is the only weapon that we have against those lies. We need your support and effort to get the job done.


CA Primary Election 2012 Results

You can view the California Primary Election results online through the Registrar of Voters website. Please check back often for updated results.   If you would like to sign up to be on our email list to receive the latest news regarding LGBT and Democratic issues in San Diego – and to receive our Voter […]

Harvey Milk Street

THANK YOU for helping us reach our goal of raising $500!             The San Diego City Planning Commission approved a proposal to rename Blaine Avenue to Harvey Milk Street. The proposal was approved by San Diego City Council unanimously on May 8, 2012. San Diego has now become a part […]

The March Co-President’s Message from John and Bonnie

We need to work very hard on getting new candidates elected this November. We have to get rid of the corporate Congress office holders who only work for the wealthy top one percent. We have to overcome the huge amount of money that the rich are willing to spend to keep control of us, the ninety -nine percent of the country. We have to teach the wealthy that it takes more than money to control us. When we demonstrate our ability to vote in our best interest for a better country, and world is when we can show them it takes more than money, it takes heart.
Let’s take a current event gasoline. First, Republicans started making remarks about Iran and how they have atomic bomb capability, and then they start swords rattling for war. In Iran which is very concerned about the sword rattling and an attack by Israel and the west, decides to stop shipping oil to Europe. At the same time, Oil traders on Wall Street start
speculating on oil futures and drive up the price. Next the oil companies raise prices be-cause oil futures are up and shut down several refineries and create a shortage of gasoline. There isn’t any shortage of crude oil in the world at this time because other crude oil producers have picked up the supply shortage because of the oil futures drives up their profit. Oil Companies are raking in the cash; the Oil Traders and Wall Street are making huge profit on their futures, and the Republicans are still rattling the swords because fear is how they win elections. Now our corporate-owned Congress throws up their hands and says, “What can we do about this.” They could do a lot more. Open up an investigation on the oil companies profiteering. Next open an investigation on Wall Street oil speculators. Write a law that would control those crooks and tax their profits that would be unbelievable achieve-ment. Finally, we need our Democratic leaders speak up about this artificial shortage and point out what are the causes, namely the Republicans, but they do not have the fortitude to do such a thing.
This is one reason why we need a change and Duncan Hunter Jr. would be at the top of my list.
We need to change the world and get the big money out of government and return to a government for the people and by the people, not just the one per-cent. It is your money that they have stolen and they are using against you. So wake up before they take what little you have left. JAM