VOSD Podcast and Bylaws Proposal

Party Chair Will Rodriguez-Kennedy (left) and County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher (right)

Democrats for Equality,

The outpouring of congratulations from club members, elected officials, and friends across the state has been overwhelming, but very much appreciated.

This week, club member and our county party’s South Area Vice Chair Kelvin Barrios was elected Chair Pro Tem.

Along with Vice Chairs Becca Taylor and Jason Bercovitch, Secretary Orem Robinson, and GO Team Director Kyle Doria, this constitutes the youngest executive board for our county Democratic Party.

Scott Lewis, Andrew Keatts, and Sara Libby from Voice of San Diego invited me into their studio to talk about our vision for the party going forward into the 2020 elections. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast, you can do that here.

Our next club meeting will be Thursday, February 21st. It will be my last full meeting as President of San Diego Democrats for Equality.

I will preside over our officer elections, and then after swearing-in our new officers at our March 21st meeting, I will hand the gavel over to my best friend and Vice President for Resource Development, Ryan Trabuco.

Ryan will lead our club from there. He has significant experience as a president having served four terms as president of the Clairemont Town Council. He will do an excellent job and I have complete faith in his abilities to take the lead.

Although, it has been an honor to lead this club, we still have some work to do.

At our meeting this month, we will be discussing and voting on a couple bylaw proposals to diversify the club’s incoming executive board. Among the changes to be discussed, include:

  • Eliminating gender-specific language throughout the bylaws,
  • Re-naming and re-organizing the Treasurer position to Controller,
  • Creating the officer position of Sergeant-at-Arms, and
  • Elevating the club’s Associate Members to the county party into board-level Regional Director positions.

So, if the bylaw changes pass at our next meeting, we will also move ahead and have an election for Sergeant-at-Arms.

A full review of these proposed changes can be found here.

Hope to see you all at our next meeting on Thursday, February 21st!

In Solidarity,

Will Rodriguez-Kennedy
San Diego Democrats for Equality

Marcia Bookstein’s Bookshelf Feb. 2019

Marcia Bookstein’s Bookshelf

On page 262 of Capital in the 21st Century there are two of the most important sentences I’ve ever read: “…it is essential to be aware of these things: the historical reduction of inequalities of wealth is less substantial than many people believe. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the limited compression of inequality that we have seen is irreversible.” Does this scare you? It should.

Here are three more books that I loved to pieces and highly recommend:

Black Elk Speaks, “as told through John G. Neihardt“.  If you missed this in college you must find the time to read it now.  And indulge yourself in the Introduction.  Mr. Neihardt describes his first meeting with Black Elk, who was waiting for him, even though no contact had occurred between them.  And the Epilogue, which describes their meeting for the last time.  I cried.  Black Elk tells US history from  how he and his people lived it, in his own words, transcribed by Neihardt’s daughter.  You will get a clear, first-hand account of our country’s perfidy against the indigenous people.  And what life was like before the Europeans’ descendants took over.  

Another great book, with flawless writing, is Sonia Sotomayor’s book, My Beloved World.  It’s the story of her life, starting from her early childhood and watching Perry Mason, which became the inspiration to become a judge.  Yes, Mason got the attention, but the judge had the power!  It’s an inspiring, beautiful story, and highlights her as one of our bright lights on the Supreme Court.  It’s a delightful book about an amazing person, and well-worth the time in reading it.

If you’ve ever wondered why it’s so difficult to admit a mistake, Being Wrong, by Kathryn Schulz, explains the psychology behind it.  There are a lot of people who act and think mistakenly.  Yelling at them, or giving them facts, isn’t so helpful.  Understanding how the mind works might be.  She gives examples of people faced with new facts and all the different ways they react.  This knowledge is imperative as we waltz into the 2020 election.  Hopefully we will be helped and fortified by inspirational people and books, and their accumulated  knowledge and wisdom.

San Marcos Democrats Welcome The New Year

January 2019 was an exciting, busy month, full of all sorts of important party activities.

The membership overwhelmingly reelected the executive board – President Gary Bland, Vice President Avi Karnik. Secretary Mary

2019 01 12_0344aBorevitz, and Treasurer Gary Hansen – and welcomed the other e-board members appointed by the officers to fill key roles, including Betty Ball, Heather Roberts, Barb Valenti, Ruth Pepper, Bill Jaynes, Jennie Brawner, Peggi Chute, Kathy Steel, and Tom Iarossi. Former board member Peg Mitchell was honored for her years of service to the club.

Several candidates from the November election came to thank us for our support and our unflagging efforts on their campaigns, including SMUSD Board of Governors member Stacy Carlson, San Marcos City Council member Maria Nunez, Palomar College board members Mark Evilsizer and Norma Miyamoto, Escondido City Council member Consuelo Martinez, state senate candidate and Palomar Pomerado Health board member Jeff Griffith, and state assembly candidate Alan Geraci.

Region 18 director Deborah Skurnik provided details about the ADEM to be held on January 27th.

jessica hayesKeynote speaker Jessica Hayes, chair of the San Diego Democratic Party Central Committee, reviewed the results of the election and pointed out that although we didn’t prevail in every race, Democrats overall had a pretty good election. Statewide, we flipped seven Congressional districts and came within a few thousand votes of flipping a long-held republican seat, regained Democratic supermajorities in both houses of the state legislature, established Democratic majorities on several of the city councils in San Diego County, elected a Democrat to the county board of supervisors, registered thousands of new voters, and saw unprecedented voter turnout in a midterm election.

A Fresh Start for Our Democratic Party

Democrats for Equality,

This week, I had the incredible honor being elected the new Chair of our San Diego County Democratic Party.

I am so grateful, but even more so… I am ready to get started.

Over the last few months, Craig Roberts and I engaged in a spirited and honest dialog about the direction of our party heading into the 2020 elections. We may have seen differently when it comes to style and vision, but there was so much more we agreed on when it came to substance.

Although it was a close campaign, I believe the challenge and spirited debate was not just an exercise in our democratic process, but inspired us both to be better candidates throughout. Those conversations and debates have made us stronger. It is my hope — not in spite of, but — because Craig was my opponent, that it will make me a better Chair and a better leader of our San Diego County Democratic Party.

Thank you, Craig.

It has been an honor to lead this club. We have diversified our membership and achieved great heights:

  • We registered over 4,000 new voters
  • We expanded our voter outreach to 80,000 households up from our peak at 20,000.
  • We helped elect 1/3 of our council as members of the LGBTQ+ community
  • We helped elect a female majority on our council
  • We expanded LGBTQ+ representation into North and South San Diego County
  • We empowered scores of Young Democrats and invested in a new generation of leadership
  • We strengthened our place in San Diego Politics as a powerhouse Democratic Club
  • We have established ourselves as an inter-sectional and objectively progressive voice in our party

We have accomplished so much together and I will always remember my time as your club president, but the time has come for me to pass the torch.

While I will remain an active member of the club, I must inform you that this will serve as my letter of resignation. To be effective at our meeting on March 21st, 2019.

On February 21st, I will chair my last full meeting as your president. I will preside over the elections, and then at our meeting in March, after swearing-in our new officers, I will hand the gavel to my best friend and Vice President for Resource Development, Ryan Trabuco.

Ryan will lead our club from there. He has significant experience as a president having served four terms as president of the Clairemont Town Council. He will do an excellent job and I have complete faith in his abilities to take the lead.

Our next club meeting will be held on Thursday, February 21st, 2019. We will be hosting club elections for the following positions:

  • Vice President for Resource Development (short term)
  • Vice President for Political Action
  • Treasurer
  • Board Member At-Large
  • Board Member At-Large

Nominees for club officer must have been dues paid members for 90 days prior to their taking office on March 21st, 2019. That would mean that you would have had to be a member before December 21st, 2018.

Should you wish to serve as a San Diego Democrats for Equality Club Officer please email [email protected]

Finally, we would be remiss to not mention the results from the final round of ADEM elections:

Congratulations to club member Matt Corrales who was elected as a delegate in AD 75.

Congratulations to club member Cori Schumacher who was elected as a delegate and to E-Board in AD 76.

The unity slate in AD 77 swept. Congratulations to club members Andrea Cubitt, Judy Ki, Fayaz Nawabi, and Ryan Trabuco who were elected delegates. Ryan was also elected to E-Board.

Congratulations to club members Alyce Pipkin-Allen and Dave Myers who were elected delegates in AD 79. Alyce was also elected to E-Board.

In Solidarity,

Will Rodriguez-Kennedy
San Diego Democrats for Equality

Our February Meeting!

Dear friends and members of the Spring Valley Lemon Grove Democratic Club,

Our meeting is on Wednesday, February 13th at 6:30.
We will haveMayor Racquel Vasquez of Lemon Grove as our speaker! She will share her perspective on the issues and concerns of Lemon Grove. Please join us for what will be an engaging and informative evening.

Our location is Monte Vista Village, 2211 Massachusetts Ave, Lemon Grove, CA 91945. We will be meeting in the Dining Hall, which is near the long driveway you can see from Massachusetts Ave. You can park in the driveway or on the street.

Cynthia Jurado

Spring Valley Lemon Grove Democratic Club