Women Political Powerhouses

220px-Susan_B_Anthony_c1855The following list of the women political powerhouses in US history was shared by Anne Hoiberg, President of the Women’s Museum of California. Anne was our guest speaker at the club’s July 2014 meeting.

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Details from our Feb 2015 Meeting with Dan McAllister

Dan McAllister

February Guest Speaker – Dan McAllister, San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector

Dan started with warm-up jokes then proceeded to a very informative presentation.

Dan’s brief biography:

  • Grew up in San Diego County, spent many summers in Vista as a child
  • Joined Peace-corp.
  • MBA with emphasis in Finance.
  • Was first elected for the position in 2002 and was reelected for his fourth term in 2014.

Some highlights on what Dan has done in the position:

  • Brought a diversity to the senior management team. When he started out it was all White male, and over 50 of age. As they retired Dan brought in qualified people in different genders, race and backgrounds.
  • Emphasizing the customer service by:
    • Hiring multilingual employees in responding to growing diversification in the county’s population.
    • Making drastic changes to the tax bill looks to make it easier for the tax payers to follow. Dan solicited input on the changes from different organization. One of such group was elementary school children. The results were clear in an sample bill he presented.
    • Taking initiatives to educate people in various organizations.

Some facts and data about San Diego County:

  • More than one million bills were generated. $5.1 billion will be collected this fiscal year.
  • Growing population is now 3.2 million.
  • Holds 99% collection rate which is the best in California. Educating the tax payers is a key; Dan travels the county wide to inform people what the property tax is about.
  • Declining White population and moving into a diversified population – 95% in 1960’s, 55% in 2000, and 47% in 2010.
  • The home price is going higher by demand and supply law. Shrinkage of the land for large scale development and the population increase creating the price increase.
  • The schools are largest recipient (43% in 2012-2013 fiscal year) of the 1% property tax.

Side tracks:

  • When asked what icon or image should be on the bill to make it look friendly, one elementary student suggested a fuzzy puppy.
  • The tax collector allocates the fund to the school districts, but does not see how the money is spent. It’s up to people in each school district to monitor the spending.


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June 3rd California Primary Election

With the June 3rd primary rapidly approaching it can sometimes be confusing just who to vote for, especially in races for positions you might never have heard of.  So, the San Diego County Democratic Party has put together a handy list of their recommendations for the June 3rd primary.

To add to the list we also recommend Jim Wood for San Diego County supervisor Bob Brewer for District Attorney, Ronald Prager for judge, Alex Padilla for Secretary of State and Betty Yee for Controller.

At our May meeting the Democratic Club of Vista endorsed the following candidates:

To follow the conversation in real time please join us for lots of lively discussions on the Democratic Club of Vista Facebook page.

Whatever you do, make sure that you vote! The primary is June 3rd.

If you forgot to mail in your mail-in ballot you can take it to your polling place. Find your polling place here.

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Democratic Club of Vista March Meeting

Our general meeting on March 8, 2014 will feature guest speaker Olga Dias, the Deputy Mayor of the City of Escondido. Olga is a rising star in the Democratic Party, and she is one of the leaders working hard to make things better for her city and the county. She is currently running for Escondido mayor.

This meeting will involve a lively discussion of the changes that have recently been made to the Escondido government and how these same sorts of changes could affect us here in Vista. It’s a meeting you don’t want to miss!

This will also be our first meeting at the Pantry & Pie Shoppe, 945 S Santa Fe Ave. It’s right across from the Von’s supermarket. The time is our usual 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.

Please visit her web site for more information and to show your support. Olga Dias for Mayor.

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