Sep 23 – General Meeting – Proposed Bylaw Changes

At our September 23, 2018 meeting we’ll be considering changes to our Bylaws.

Here’s the link to the existing Bylaws of the Point Loma Democratic Club (PDF) – October 25, 2015

Proposed Bylaw revisions to be discussed at the September 23, 2018 General Meeting:

Please read through the changes before the meeting, and if you have any questions feel free to email [email protected] or call (619) 800-5098.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Dave Furlano, Chair Bylaws Committee, for hosting multiple meetings and keeping track of all of the suggested changes, and to everyone who served on the committee – but the changes can only be made if approved by you, the members, at a General Meeting. So, please review and come along with any suggestions to further improve the governance of the club.

The bylaws discussion will only take up part of the program for the September meeting.


Oct 14 – Meet and Greet with Jennifer Campbell, MD Candidate for San Diego City Council District 2

Meet and Greet
Jennifer Campbell, MD
Candidate for City Council District 2
“Doctor on call to fix City Hall”


Jen Campbell at our 2018 Summer BBQ

Mimosa Brunch
Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Hosted by Ruth Rollins and
Point Loma Democratic Club
RSVP for address

Bring your friends that have not met Dr. Jen. and
in case you want to help, bring your check book.

Let Ruth know you are coming
(619) 222-9344 or [email protected]

“Approved by Dr Jen Campbell for City Council”

Banner Competition

You’ve seen the banner in action at club meetings and events, the OB Street Fair, Pride, and OB Holiday Parade. It tells people our name, but it can do more than that.

It could incorporate our friendly logo, show our website address, Twitter handle or Facebook name. It could more graphically represent our values, and where we’re coming from, figuratively as well as literally. Perhaps it needs a splash of color, or an image of a lighthouse?

There’s no end of possibilities and we’d like you, or someone you can persuade, badger or cajole into helping, to come up with new designs.

We’ll use a horizontal banner for carrying in parades and at event booths, and a vertical banner at meetings and as a neat background in photographs.

You don’t have to be a graphic designer, you just have to outline your ideas. Sure, you can submit your entries as .SVG files ready for printing, but you can also just sketch them on the back of a napkin!

At the September 23rd meeting, we’ll pin up the ideas, sketches, designs at the Point Loma Assembly (and post them online) and let clubmembers tell us which ones we should move forward with. At that stage we’ll solicit help from a professional and work up the designs based on the technical requirements for printing on vinyl.

Every entry will receive a prize and the winner(s), as well as enjoying seeing their design at every meeting, will receive free club membership at the Patron level for 2018.

Any questions please email [email protected] or call (619) 800-5098.

Aug 26 – Annual Summer Potluck with BBQ – Support Western Service Workers Association Back-to-School Drive 2018

It’s summertime – which means this month’s ‘Meeting’ is a social affair with our Annual Summer Potluck and fundraising for the Western Service Workers Association and their Back-to-School Drive.

Sunday August 26, 2018 –  4:00-6:00PM 

Please invite your friends and potential members to attend and meet fellow Democrats and elected officials, in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Please bring school supplies, hand held calculators and backpacks or a generous check for the Western Service Workers Association Back-to-School Drive. If you cannot attend but wish to make a donation send a check to the Western Service Workers Association c/o of Point Loma Democratic Club, PO Box 7802, San Diego, CA 92167.

The Club will furnish hamburgers, hot dogs, and soft drinks, plus two drink tickets per person for beer and wine.

  • David Alvarez, SD City Council District 8
  • Brandon MacDonald, Western Service Workers Association
  • Other speakers to be announced


Pay online and save time on the day!

Or pay at the door with cash, credit/debit card, or check (made payable to Point Loma Democratic Club).

$10.00 per person – please bring a dish to share

$20.00 per person – please bring a dish to share

bothJoin the Party!
$30.00 gets you entry and club membership for the rest of the year!
– please bring a dish to share

Sunday August 26, 2018 – 4:00-6:00PM
Check in begins at 3:30 pm
Guest speakers starting at 4:50 pm (see above)

Address details supplied when you pay online, RSVP by email, send us some details below or call us (619) 800 5098:

For additional info, please call (619) 800-5098

If you’re a clubmember and you’d like to volunteer to help out at the event, please email us or enter your details here:
Please share on Facebook and Twitter.

Jul 29 – What Should Become of San Diego Stadium?

Reminder: We’re meeting on the last Sunday this month, as the Point Loma Playhouse is presenting Wally’s Cafe at the Point Loma Assembly on July 22, 2pm. If you hurry you can get still get tickets for Friday July 20, or Saturday July 21, at 8pm for this feel good play.

This month we’re excited to feature a great panel of speakers on the upcoming ballot initiatives focused on the site of the current San Diego County Credit Union Stadium – AKA Qualcomm Stadium, Jack Murphy Stadium and originally San Diego Stadium.

Whatever the outcome this November there will be a major change to Mission Valley, and San Diego.


  • Natalie Kessler, Southwest Strategies LLC, SDSU West
  • Haley Peterson, Intesa, SDSU Mission Valley
  • Joe LaCava, No on Soccer City

Each of our panelists will give a 10 minute presentation, followed by 5 minutes for questions on their segment. After all the presenters have been heard, there will be an additional 15 minutes for general questions from our members.

We hereby notice that at our July 29, 2018 meeting we will consider taking a position on the ballot initiatives involving the Stadium.

We also hereby notice that at our July 29, 2018 meeting we will consider an endorsement for San Diego City Council District 2, where clubmember Jen Campbell is in the runoff against incumbent Lori Zapf. Our endorsed candidate Jordan Beane has already endorsed Jen for this strategically critical race.

July 29, 2018
4:00PM – 5:30PM

PointLomaAssemblyMap<a href=”,+3035+Talbot+Street,+San+Diego,+CA&hl=en&sll=32.824552,-117.108978&sspn=1.024769,1.116486&hq=Point+Loma+Assembly,&hnear=3035+Talbot+St,+San+Diego,+California+92106&t=m&z=17%E2%80%9D%20>Point Loma Assembly,  3035 Talbot Street, San Diego, CA 92106

For additional info call (619) 800-5098
Directions and parking information

Social Time
Members are encouraged to get together from 3:30PM before the meeting starts, please bring whatever light drinks/snacks that you’d like to share.

After the meeting ends we suggest adjourning to the Point Break Cafe at 2743 Shelter Island Dr to continue our progressive conversation. Happy Hour is until 6:30pm.

Notes from April Meeting – San Diego City Council D6 & San Diego Superior Court Endorsement Meeting

Merrin Muxlow, VP called the meeting to order at 4:15 PM.

The floor was opened to elected officials, representatives of elected officials, former elected officials, candidates, and speakers on propositions for two-minute speeches.

  • Doug Case – Political Affairs Director for State Senator, President Pro Tem Toni Atkins spoke about the legislation the senator had introduced in the current session
  • Jordan Beane – our endorsed candidate for San Diego City Council District 2, gave an update on his campaign and brought yard signs for distribution
  • Ruth Rollins – Spoke for Dr. Jen Campbell, candidate for San Diego City Council District 2, and invited everyone to a Meet and Greet to be held at her home next Sunday

Endorsement Forum

San Diego City Council District 6
Endorsement Committee Chair Dev Zaveri-Tabb presided. The following candidates were up for Club endorsement:

  1.  Tommy Hough – In attendance
  2. Fayaz Nawabi – Could not attend for health reasons, Oren Robinson spoke on his behalf
  3. Matt Valenti – Did not attend, though was expected to

After Tommy and Oren made opening statements, Dev conducted a Q & A using questions submitted by Club members. After closing statements were made, the candidate, paid and volunteer campaign staff, and family members were asked to leave the room and the floor was opened for discussion. Voting took place by ballot and Tommy Hough won the Club’s endorsement on the first round.

Superior Court
Dev said it was the first time the Club would be voting on an endorsement in a judicial race.

  1. Matt Brower – In attendance
  2. Tim Nader – Did not attend; no representative came forward to speak

After Brower gave an opening statement, Dev conducted a Q & A using questions submitted by Club members. The candidate, paid and volunteer campaign staff, and family members were asked to leave the room and the floor was opened for discussion. Ruth Rollins made a motion that the Club endorses Matt Brower by acclamation (by a voice vote of “Oorah!” in recognition of Brower being a Judge Advocate in the Marine Corps Reserve), it was seconded, and the motion carried.


  • Susan Peinado said that early voting would begin May 7, the voter registration deadline was May 21, and Election Day was June 5, and stressed the importance of voter turnout since the countywide elections would most likely be decided then. She also urged everyone to sign a petition calling for future countywide races to go into November.
  • Susan announced that the Club had donated $499 to the PAC “Vote June 5” in support of Dave Myers for Sheriff, Matt Strabone for County Clerk Assessor, and Geneviéve Jones- Wright for DA.
  • Dev Zaveri-Tabb urged members to sign a petition calling for an initiative that “Establishes New Standards for Confinement of Certain Farm Animals; Bans Sale of Certain Non-Complying Products” to be placed on the ballot.

Club Resports

Vice President – Merrin expanded upon Susan’s announcement about the “Vote June 5”
PAC and urged members to go to their website,, and sign up to make calls. Treasurer – In Dave’s absence, Merrin reported the April 9 bank balance of and
pointed out that the Club had the money to give to local races.

Unfinished and New Business

  • Susan Peinado moved that the Club donate $501.00 more to the “Vote June 5” PAC, following a brief discussion, the motion passed.
  • Club member Kay O’Bryan asked that the Club consider a change to its bylaws. She suggested that instead of requiring a simple majority vote for candidate endorsements, the Club should raise it to a 60% vote in order to be more representative of the membership. A discussion followed and included these points:
    • Most clubs had a higher requirement, some up to 75%
    • The current 50% + 1 splits the Club and isn’t as meaningful as a higher percentage
    • The bylaws were originally written in 1954 and need updating on a number of matters
    • Jonathan Wubbolding recently called for the creation of a Bylaws Committee and appointed Dave Furlano chair. The committee would study the entire document and make a broad range of recommendations and present them to the body for approval
    • A signup sheet was made available for any members interested in serving on the committee
    • It was pointed out that members who wish to present ideas for Club consideration on any matter may do so during the New Business portion of a meeting, as Kay did
  • A member voiced concern about the treatment of the Martin Luther King Jr Democratic Club at the Roosevelt Dinner and encouraged people to join that club as a show of support. A lively discussion followed in which others cited additional instances that showed the need for better conflict resolution, the need to professionalize county leadership by having full-time paid positions, and the need for term limits.

Merrin thanked everyone for coming and invited all to meet afterwards at the Point Break Café. The meeting was adjourned at 5:55 PM.

Notes: Deborah Currier, Secretary

E-Board members present:

  • Merrin Muxlow, Vice President
  • Deval Zaveri-Tabb, Endorsement Committee
  • Deborah Currier, Secretary
  • Susan Peinado, Membership Committee
  • John Loughlin, Communications Committee
  • Ruth Rollins, Nominating Committee
  • Phil Currier, Hospitality Committee

E-Board members absent:

  • Jonathan Wubbolding, President
  • Dave Furlano, Treasurer
  • Nancy Witt, GO Team Liaison
  • Patrick Schultheis, Public Relations/Marketing Committee.