Help the San Diego Democratic Women’s Club

Several people have asked me  how to help keep the San Diego Democratic Women’s Club going. I am happy to report that Pat Washington will continue with the club for another year, but she needs help. It is unfair to expect the same people to do all the work.  All of our clubs need to have people step up to help with the officer positions. The Women’s Club is an affinity club that at least half of us can consider if we want to participate in more than an area club. For those of you who are willing, please pass the membership application on.
Thanks for your consideration.
Ruth Rollins

2013 Official Application form for SDDWC

Organize to Stop the NRA and Keep America Safer

Bowling for Columbine

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Join MoveOn and Michael Moore by hosting a “Tenth Anniversary Bowling for Columbine” House Party, on Saturday, March 23rd.

Follow the link to Michael Moore’s easy Four Steps to Host a “Tenth Anniversary” House Party and share in the conversation and join an online discussion with Michael Moore and others to plan “concrete steps to force Congress to stop taking orders from the NRA and start listening to us.”

Let’s organize to stop the National Rifle Association and keep America safer.

Bernie says …. Send a Message

March 16, 2013 


There is more and more pushback against a plan to cut Social Security and disabled veterans’ benefits by using a stingier measure of inflation, according to Thursday’s Washington Post. “Some of us believe very strongly that it would be absolutely wrong to cut Social Security benefits,” Bernie told The Post. He has been out front in the fight against changing the consumer price index to a so-called chained CPI. Big majorities in poll after poll oppose cutting Social Security. Now thousands of people have signed Bernie’s new petition to President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Reid and House Speaker Boehner.

“The so-called chained CPI would mean if you’re 65 years of old, by the time you’re 75, you’ll get $650 less than you would have gotten. By the time you’re 85, $1,000 a year less. If you’re a senior citizen in the state of Vermont trying to live on $15,000 a year, that’s a devastating cut. Let me also say, as chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, this will mean devastating cuts for disabled veterans and for widows who lost their husbands in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is not my view that the American people want to balance the budget on the backs of disabled vets. I’m going to fight this,” Bernie said on MSNBC.

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