Despite winning, Abed has only minority support

by Don Greene, Escondido Democrats president Editor’s Note: This essay was first published in The Escondido Alliance/Allianza Escondido.  27%.  What does that mean to you?  Using the standards that we’ve grown accustomed to, the number is not very impressive. Scoring 27 out of 100 on an exam is well into the failing category. The lowest […]

Vote count complete, Gallo wins by 69

Escondido Council member Ed Gallo will go down in political history as a survivor. You may not want to compare him to a cat, but he does seem to have extra political lives. The 2014 vote count is now complete (though not official) and Gallo eked out a win in the new District One by […]

Election debrief: It was all about turnout

Escondido Democrats met Saturday, November 8 to discuss what happened on election day and what to do about it. President Don Greene opened the discussion with a slide that read “It’s not Republican voters who elect Republican politicians… It’s Democratic voters WHO STAY HOME that elect Republicans…” and that statement pretty much summed up the […]

Abed: “Why would someone like you support someone like her?”

by Irv Lefberg The Mayor’s revealing question about my support for Olga Diaz: “Why would someone like you support someone like her?” That’s the question I was asked by the Mayor awhile back when I talked with him at his booth at a Street Faire in downtown Escondido.   I was wearing my “Olga Diaz for Mayor” […]

Diaz gets endorsements from Maher, The Paper

Olga Diaz has gained two endorsements from high-profile conservatives in her effort to become Escondido Mayor: former Escondido Chief of Police Jim Maher and Lyle E. Davis, editor of The Paper. Maher, of course, has been the center of a controversy over the terms of his “retirement” from the Escondido Police Department. There have been persistent […]