Nov 27 – Monthly Meeting – Endorsements and Actions

We’re meeting at a new venue – Elijah’s Restaurant, 7061 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111 (map). The meeting starts at 7pm but come early for Social Time starting at 6:30pm and enjoy a glass of wine or dinner before the meeting.

Sara Jacobs, candidate for the 49th Congressional District, and Tasha Boerner Horvath, candidate for 76th Assembly District, have confirmed they’ll stop by to introduce themselves.

Angela de Joseph will make a proposal to the club from Indivisible Watu.

Emiliana Sparaco will educate us on the actions taking place to flip the 49th.

Clubmembers will have updates on events being planned for the anniversary of the Women’s March in January.

This month (as previously noticed) we’re considering endorsing in the 50th Congressional District and 77th Assembly District. Dr. Doreen Mattingly, Chair of the Endorsement Committee, will run this part of the meeting that will get underway ~7:30pm.

77th Assembly District

50th Congressional District

The Club will need a new Treasurer starting in January. Please let us know if you are interested. You would have lots of support and it’s a great team to work with. All of our officers serve one year terms so please let us know if you would like to step into a leadership position. Elections will be in January.

There are many exciting collaborations and events in the works at DWC into next year. We hope you’ll find something that ignites you to jump on board and get involved.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email [email protected] or call us (619) 900-4751.

Monday November 27 – Social Time from 6:30pm, Club business at 7:00pm, Endorsements start at 7:30pm

Social Time
Members are encouraged to get together from 6:30pm just before the meeting starts.


We’re trying out a new venue: Elijah’s Restaurant, 7061 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111 (map).

  • MTS routes 44, 60

Oct 16 – Democratic Woman’s Club of San Diego Hosting Delaine Eastin

We have a special event this month as we’re hosting Delaine Eastin who’s running for Governor of California. With the help of the San Diego County Democratic Party we’re holding the meeting at the International Association of Machinists Union Hall, 5150 Kearny Mesa Rd, San Diego, CA 92111 (map).

We’ll start a little earlier than usual for regular club business, followed by Delaine’s event at 7pm. Please RSVP to let us know you’re coming, and spread the word on what’s bound to be a fabulous evening.

Eventbrite - Democratic Woman's Club of San Diego Hosting Delaine Eastin

Delaine is the former California State Superintendent of Public Instruction. She is the fourth woman to be elected to a statewide office, and is the first and is still the only woman to be elected Superintendent, a profession that is dominated by women. Delaine was elected Superintendent following eight years in the State Assembly and six years on the City Council in Union City. Delaine has run for office 14 times and has never lost an election.

Throughout her career, Delaine has been a leader who has never been afraid to stand up to bullies on behalf of what is right. She fought polluters and sponsored legislation that raised over $100 million for toxic cleanup. She took on Big Tobacco and passed propositions that taxed the tobacco industry to create ‘First 5 California’ and anti-smoking campaigns. And as part of the lawsuit against Proposition 187, Delaine successfully stopped California’s police, health care professionals and teachers from being used as de facto immigration agents.

Delaine has fought tirelessly for the children and people of California…and she has won. Now she is ready to take this fight into the Governor’s office to ensure that the people of this great state have high quality education; affordable healthcare for ALL; a safe and clean environment; affordable housing; and that we build an economy that works for everyone.

Monday October 16 – Social Time from 6:00pm, Club business at 6:30pm, Main Event starts at 7pm

Social Time
Members are encouraged to get together from 6:00pm just before the meeting starts.
Please bring whatever light drinks/snacks that you’d like to share.

This special event is being held at the International Association of Machinists Union Hall, 5150 Kearny Mesa Rd, San Diego, CA 92111 (map)

MTS routes

  • 20 to Kearny Villa Rd & Kearny Villa Way
  • 44 to Convoy St & Ronson Rd
  • 235 to Clairemont Mesa Bl & Complex St
  • 27 to Clairemont Mesa Bl & Kearny Mesa Rd


7pm Monday Sep 18 – Resolution and Upcoming Endorsements

We will be voting on our resolution relative to reproductive rights and justice from last month’s meeting.
We’ll have a report from our endorsement committee, chaired by Doreen Mattingly, and discuss how we’ll choose our representatives for the January 2018 Pre-Endorsing Conferences.

We’ll discuss details of an event planned with the Moxie Theatre for their new production, IRONBOUND by Martyna Mayok.

We’ll also discuss an event we’re hosting on October 16th for Delaine Easton, who’s running for Governor.

Plus whatever announcements members have from the floor, for all the actions and events occurring around the county.

Monday September 18 – Social Time from 6:30pm, Meeting starts at 7pm

Social Time
Members are encouraged to get together from 6:30pm before the meeting starts.
Please bring whatever light drinks/snacks that you’d like to share.

We meet at the Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans – PANA
4089 Fairmount Ave, San Diego, CA 92105 (map)

The building is on the south-east corner of Polk and Fairmount, just north of University. Parking is also available at the adjoining Southern Sudanese and East African Community Centers on Fairmount Ave. Bus routes 7 and 13.

Sep 7 – Tom Steyer Talks Climate

Tom Steyer and Bill McKibben

Tom Steyer will join us to talk about current issues in climate change politics and NextGen America’s work to prevent climate disaster, promote prosperity, and protect the rights of every American.

There will be an extensive Q&A during which Tom will discuss the climate movement, the politics of climate, and how Californians can take effective action.

San Diego Council Member (and Mother Jones club member) Barbara Bry (District 1) will also talk about implementing a Community Choice Energy program in San Diego in order to meet our goal of 100% clean energy, and how San Diegans can help make it happen.

Barbara Bry

Barbara is a former journalist and high-tech entrepreneur who was on the founding team of several local high-tech companies.

Council Member Chris Ward (District 3) will introduce Tom Steyer.

RSVP NOW to join us this exciting evening with climate leader Tom Steyer. And join and share our Facebook event!

Tom is a business leader and philanthropist who believes we have a moral responsibility to give back and help ensure every family shares the benefits of economic opportunity, education, and a healthy climate. He serves as President of NextGen America, an organization he founded as NextGen Climate in 2013 to prevent climate disaster and promote prosperity for all Americans.

“[In 2012] Steyer and environmental activist and author Bill McKibben spent a day trudging through the Adirondacks. Not long after, Steyer parted ways with the leadership of his company and his oil and gas investments, began to fight the Keystone XL pipeline, and then reinvented himself as a one-man superfund for climate causes.”  – Wired

At St. Paul’s Cathedral. Enter from 5th Avenue. Doors open at 6:00 for check-in and refreshments; event begins at 6:30 pm. Note updated time

Suggested Donation: $10 (no one will be turned away for lack of funds).

Event cosponsors include: NextGen America, San Diego CALSEIA Change Begins with ME (Indivisible), Stay Cool 4 Grandkids, Citizens Climate Lobby San Diego, Climate Action Campaign, San Diego Coastkeeper, American Federation of Teachers Guild Local 1931, Sierra Club San DiegoNorth County Climate Change Alliance, Interfaith Worker Justice of San Diego CountySan Diego Climate Mobilization Coalition, Equinox ProjectPreserve Calavera, Martin Luther King Jr. Democratic ClubLake San Marcos Democratic Club, Pt Loma Democratic ClubDemocratic Woman’s ClubLa Jolla Democratic Club, Escondido Democratic ClubDemocratic Club of Carlsbad/Oceanside.

Email us with any questions or if your organization would like to cosponsor.

San Diego County Democratic Woman’s Club – Resolution relative to reproductive rights and justice

At the August 21, 2017 the club discussed if the Democratic party should endorse anti-abortion/anti-choice/pro-life candidates? Should abortion be a litmus test?

Here is a draft resolution that will be voted on at our September 19, 2017 meeting. Please review and provide comments by email to [email protected].


WHEREAS, Some leaders of the Democratic Party, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) have publicly indicated that support for abortion rights should not be a litmus test for the endorsement of Democratic candidates and elected officials; and

WHEREAS Women are the backbone of the Democratic party when it comes to both votes and volunteered labor, and 69% of Americans believe Roe v. Wade should not be overturned, including 84% of Democrats and 53% of Republicans; and

WHEREAS, women’s bodily autonomy is a non-negotiable human right just as it is for men, and reproductive justice demands that all women and families should have the ability to parent their children safely, with the support and freedom to fully participate in the socio-economic lives of their local and broader community without hindrance from institutionalized structural barriers such as unaffordable childcare, school to prison pipelines, and environmental health hazards that disproportionately affect communities of color; and

Whereas, reproductive rights are essential to ensure gender equity, and establish women’s economic security and ability to participate in the workforce, and because policies limiting access to family planning and abortion care disproportionately impact low-income women and women of color, reproductive justice is inseparable from economic and racial justice; now

Therefore be it Resolved that the San Diego County Democratic Woman’s Club, recognizing that abortion is a common health decision that will be made by one in three American women in their lifetime, and that making the procedure illegal will result only in the deaths of more women, rather than a reduction in the abortion rate, calls on the San Diego Central Committee and the California Democratic Party to reaffirm its commitment to reproductive justice and to make a public announcement that it will endorse only those candidates who support policies that affirm the same, including access to safe, legal, affordable abortions for all women regardless of economic status; and be it further Resolved, That California Democratic Party Chair Eric Bauman transmit a resolution memorializing this position to the DNC, DCCC, and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Notes from Aug 21 Meeting – Should Democrats Endorse Anti-Choice Candidates?

The meeting was called to order just after 7pm at the Aja Project building in City Heights.

Officers present:
Susan Peinado, President
Ramla Sahid, Vice President
Becca Fielding-Miller, Secretary
Emily Bonner, Immediate Past President

• Ruth Rollins and Susan Peinado introduce two new members
• Ramla Sahid moves to approve meeting agenda, motion passes with no additions.
• Susan Peinado requests and receives permission to livestream club meeting

Elected report:
• Doug Case for Toni Atkins, speaks on affordable housing crisis. Three bills have passed the Senate and are currently in the assembly. Senator Atkins bill, SB2, would create a permanent funding source for affordable housing via a $75 fee on certain types of real estate transactions. Expected to raise $250 million per year. SB3, will be on November 2018 ballot, is a $3 billion bond to ford affordable housing throughout the state. SB1 would streamline process of approval for affordable housing.

Candidates speak:
• Pierre Beauregard, Congressional District 50
• Ammar Campa-Najar, Congressional District 50
• Daniel Schmiekowski, San Diego City Council District 2
• Patrick McFarland, Chula Vista City Council District 2
• Michelle Krug for Doug Applegate, Congressional District 49
• Bryan Pease, San Diego City Council District 2
• Alice Pipken-Allen for Ken Marlborough, County Board of Supervisors District 4
• Jordan Beane, San Diego City Council District 2
• Dominic Nguyen for Dave Myers, Sherriff – Endorsed by County Party
• Genevieve Jones-Wright, County District Attorney – Endorsed by County Party
• Paul Kerr, Congressional District 49, introduces himself to club members

Should the Democratic party endorse anti-abortion/anti-choice/pro-life candidates? Should abortion be a litmus test?

  • Mattingly of San Diego State discusses different terminology used around abortion within the political realm (anti-abortion, anti-choice, pro-life, pro-birth, etc…) and shares some of the historical and political context of the debate.
Yes No AND
Christian argument: True pro-life policies include social and economic support for women and children that reduce unwanted abortion. Banning abortion will not reduce it. It’s a question of priorities in red states: If we don’t appeal to independents in red states, we won’t win elections. For a lot of independents, choice/abortion is an important issue. There are Democrats who are anti-choice, but it’s not their most important issue
Of course we want the swing vote, but why does it have to come at the expense of women? There are lots of swing issues that aren’t choice. We don’t want to preclude Republicans from changing their minds and voting for Democrats We also have to look at pro-woman issues/issues of reproductive justice that disproportionately affect women of color.
We shouldn’t back down on our Democratic values to win. Just because you’re pro-choice doesn’t mean you’re pro-reproductive justice. Lots of pro-choice candidates for policies that harm women of color’s ability to parent their children in safety and without state persecution and violence.

The Democratic party is just as complicit in the targeting and surveillance of communities of color, that’s not pro-life.

A candidate’s personal values are irrelevant, their job is to obey the law and the law has decided that abortion is legal. When we just talk one issue, and ignore how these issues intersect, we lose votes.
Roe may still be in place, but there are dozens of state-level laws across the country that limit access and affect poor women, rural women, young women, and women of color the most. This is not an elitist issue. Your access to abortion is not at risk if you have money. People aren’t not voting for Democrats because abortion. We need to look at the real reasons why poor women and people of color aren’t going to the polls.
Anti-abortion candidates push women back. We refuse to go back and would never vote for somebody who will send our rights backwards.
We believe in freedom of religion as a fundamental principle of our government. There is no place to impose religious values as part of the legislative agenda.
Women are the backbone of the Democratic party and abandoning our civil rights for votes is a slap in the face to the people who get candidates elected in the first place.

Vice President Ramla Sahid motions to vote on proposed resolution, with amendments, at next meeting. The amended resolution will be sent out with two weeks notice. Motion passes on a hand-vote. The vote will be on the agenda for the 9/18 meeting.

Officer reports:
• Secretary: Will be going out on maternity leave shortly.
• VP:
o Update on grassroots affordable housing efforts in San Diego.
o Climate action campaign has a new podcast called Flip The Script, the Future is Female. Find it on itunes or twitter: @FlipTheScriptSD

New Business:
• Parisa Ijadi-Maghsoodi speaks on urging San Diego to deconcentrate poverty by keeping an Obama-era desegregation rule via Section 8. Trump has suspended this rule, but cities have the option to keep complying. Learn more at (
• Kevin Beiser has requested an early endorsement vote at the 9/18 meeting.
• Western Service Workers speak on the need to press for water as a human right in San Diego, where thousands of people are having their water shut off which is creating a public health and human rights crisis.

Upcoming events:
• September 11th: Scott Peters will be hosting an event on reproductive justice and the politics of women’s health. 6:15 pm at Democratic Party Headquarters. RSVP to
• November 2nd: Flip the Script women’s lunch. Featuring very awesome keynote speaker to be announced. 11:30am at Jacob’s Center for Neighborhood Innovation
• Happy Hour with Indivisible and other local progressive groups TBD. Keep an eye on our website/facebook/twitter!

See you all next month, September 18 at 7pm!