Meeting on Thursday November 16, 2017

The East County Democratic Club Meeting is this week!

We’re meeting at a larger venue:

Where: Ali Baba Restaurant, 421 E Main St, El Cajon, CA 92020 (map)
When:  Thursday, November 16, 7pm

John Loughlin, Director of Clubs for the San Diego County Democratic Party, will chair the meeting.

After hearing from Democratic elected officials and candidates the first order of business will be to vote on changes to the governing document for the club, as noticed previously.

The current document is out of compliance with the Charter to the San Diego County Democratic Party and needs to be changed. John is suggesting to change to a more standard format that is recommended by the Party for new clubs, but it’s up to club members to make this decision.

You can see the proposed new Bylaws here, and contrast those with the existing, non-compliant version here.

The Party believes the ECDC should be controlled by all the ECDC members.

Going forward, any changes to the rules governing the ECDC would be approved by a super majority of the members, and there is a provision for the removal of a member only after a super majority vote of members.

If adopted, the new Bylaws call for the election of four officers, so after the Bylaws vote we’ll move to the Election portion of the meeting.

Stephanie Harper, the Chair of the ECDC Nominating Committee (comprised of herself, Devorah Fox and Chris Pearson), will present a list of candidates for officers recommended by her committee:

Other nominations will be accepted from the floor.

Agenda – November 16, 2017
6-7pm Social Hour
7pm Meeting starts

1. Pledge of allegiance
2. Electeds: 2 mins
3. Candidates: 2 mins per candidate, 1 min per representative
4. Vote on the new Bylaws
5. Election of officers
a. Report of the nominating committee
b. Call for nominations from the floor

For any contested positions:

  • The candidates will get 2 minutes each to introduce themselves
  • Questions from the audience will be answered by each candidate (alternating who goes first)
  • Each candidate will then make a closing statement, after which they’ll leave the room
  • While the candidates are out of the room we’ll have a discussion and ask 3 people to speak for, and 3 people against, each candidate for 1 minute each, with no personal attacks allowed on any of the candidates
  • We’ll then call for ballots and close the vote
  • The SDCDP Vice-Chairs attending will count the ballots in a corner of the meeting room, with the candidates observing (during this time members may make announcements before we proceed to the next contested position)
  1. Announcements (may be made while ballots are being counted)
  2. Adjourn

If you have any questions regarding the proposed bylaws and the election process, please contact John at [email protected]