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  Local Dems to hear Emerald, Fink, Weber and Mattingly Discuss Gender Politics   In our second installation of STARK CONTRASTS, La Mesa Foothills Democratic Club will hear from a stunning panel of experts delve into the differences the parties have to offer voters this November about women’s issues. Beyond the fact that Democrats are … Continue reading POLS, PROFS AND PUNDITS


Southside With You: Opens This Friday

The indie film, Southside With You, opens this Friday, August 26 at the Reading Cinemas at Clairemont Town Square. Starring Parker Sawyers and Tika Sumpter, the film is inspired by Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date in 1989 Chicago. As the summer movie season … Continue reading


La Mesa Oktoberfest 2016

Despite the hot weather, plans for our La Mesa-Foothills Democratic Oktoberfest booth are underway. Oktoberfest attendees will be thrilled with the enhanced venues and extra day in 2016. We need helpers at our booth to register voters, distribute campaign literature, and we will have Hillary/Kaine campaign buttons, bumper stickers, rally and yard signs available for […]


Notes from the July Meeting – Barbara Bry and Mary Walshok – The Evolution of San Diego’s Innovation Economy

Club President Susan Peinado called the meeting to order at 4:01 PM. Susan thanked everyone for coming and all who brought snacks, then recognized new members Sandy and Jim Howland, Angela Hawkins and Tim Hanna. Tim Hanna came forward to speak on behalf of Scott Peters, who’s running for reelection in CA52. Tim urged people to get involved in the campaign and described Peters’ new opponent as a former Carl Rove aide who worked in the second Bush administration and was anti-choice and anti-equality. PROGRAM: Barbara Bry & Mary Walshok – The Evolution of San Diego’s Innovation Economy Mary Walshok was introduced as an “Academic Entrepreneur”, who had developed many new programs at UCSD, including Connect, written over 100 articles and reports, and also books such as “Invention and Reinvention: The Evolution of San Diego’s Innovative Economy”. Her official title is Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Programs and Dean of Extension at UCSD, and her main focus is on how globalization and rapid changes in technology affect the social dynamics and economic challenges in America. Barbara Bry was …


Podcast – Barbara Bry and Mary Walshok – The Evolution of San Diego’s Innovation Economy

We were delighted that club Patron and candidate for San Diego City Council District 1, Barbara Bry was a co-presenter at this meeting. Barbara has spent the last 30 years of her life helping to start companies and create jobs from her early days at CONNECT to becoming an entrepreneur and serving on the initial management team of companies like   San Diego’s economy has long been dependent on federal funds with 50% GDP today coming from federal sources to support, military functions, defense contracting companies and basic research such as on the Torrey Pines mesa. Barbara and Mary emphasized the importance of innovation to San Diego’s future. They dove into the history and what it means to local citizens to have companies that operate in a global arena – where we put our priorities will be shaped by these forces.   We encourage you to subscribe to our Podcast channel here. You can also find us on the iTunes Store just search for Point Loma & OB Dems or click here, as well as on Stitcher. …