Dec 16 – Holiday Party 4-7pm

Bring some food or drinks to share and celebrate the holiday season with your fellow lady Democrats (and lady-democrat allies).

Children welcome. On bus route 928.

Saturday, December 16 at 4 PM – 7 PM

8902 Gramercy Dr, San Diego, CA 92123 (map)

Please RSVP here.

Just Announced: Democratic Candidate Forum for San Diego City Council, District 2


January 18, 2018
6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Pacific Beach Taylor Library

We will be hosting a forum with the announced Democratic candidates for the San Diego City Council District 2.

We need your help!
Please submit proposed questions you want to ask some or all of the candidates at the forum. All questions must be submitted by January 4th, 2018 to be considered for the forum. Please email your questions or deliver questions to one of our PBDC board members or better yet, bring them to the regular club meeting on January 4th. 

A vote to endorse in the race will follow the forum. While this event is open to the public, attendees to the forum must RSVP  in advance as space is limited.  Only Pacific Beach Democratic Club members in good standing on January 18 can vote for the endorsement.

Club Member Toni Atkins Continues to Make History!

Democrats for Equality,

Our members continue to make history, and one of our longtime club members has done it again!

Big news was mentioned early this morning by the L.A. Times, and was made official later by Senate Pro Tem Kevin de León — our very own State Senator Toni Atkins has the unified backing of her colleagues to become the next leader of the California State Senate.

This is historic for a number of reasons.

As mentioned in the L.A. Times article, Toni Atkins will be the first woman to serve as President Pro Tem in California history, she will be the first LGBT leader of the state senate, and will be the first former Speaker of the Assembly in 146 years to serve as senate leader.

On behalf of all of our club members, we are so extremely proud today.

#Ourmembersmakehistory #womenlead #trustwomen #LGBTQ

Here is Kevin de León’s statement from earlier today:

“For nearly four years, it’s been a profound honor to lead a unified, progressive and collaborative California State Senate. Together, we’ve put the public interest over individual ambitions and made enduring progress on behalf of millions of Californians.

“Unfinished work remains – and so does our Senate’s important tradition of seamless and peaceful leadership transitions.

“To that end, I have announced to our Senate Democratic Caucus that a formal vote to elect our next Senate President pro Tempore will be held in early January and a formal transition later in the year.

“Better yet, I’m pleased to announce that our Caucus is unified in support for Senator Toni G. Atkins of San Diego to serve as our next President pro Tempore.

“We aren’t just making consensus – we’re making history.

“Four years ago, our Caucus elected the first Latino leader in over a century to lead the California State Senate – and, next year, Senator Atkins will become our first ever woman to be elected Senate Leader.

“Toni is a leader of great experience, achievement and integrity, and I have every confidence that she will lead America’s most accomplished legislative chamber to even greater heights.

“As always, I thank the members of the Senate for their confidence, camaraderie and unwavering commitment to the future of this state.

“Working together, I look forward to another year of extraordinary progress.”

Here is Toni Atkins’s statement from earlier today:

“Today, I am humbled by the trust my colleagues have placed in me, and I intend to earn that trust every day by working tirelessly and inclusively to keep California a place of opportunity for everyone.

“Kevin de León has led our Senate with strength, intelligence, integrity, and compassion – and continues to do so. Our collective policy achievements under his leadership have made our state a better place to live, work, raise a family, and attend school, regardless of race, religion, gender, or background.

“Given our national divisions, California’s example is more important than ever – and I look forward to working with our President pro Tem and all of our colleagues to ensure that the Senate continues to rise together to meet the challenges faced by the great people we represent.”

In Solidarity,

Will Rodriguez-Kennedy
San Diego Democrats for Equality

Club Platform

Here is the complete list of items proposed to be included in the club’s platform:

Same day voter registration
Sunday elections
Publicly funded elections
Elect President by popular vote
End super delegates
Restore voting right for convicted felons
Stop gerrymandering (redistricting reform)
Overturn Citizens United
Release of 5 years’ tax returns for President
TAXES and FINANCETax reform
Wall Street transaction tax
End Federal Reserve
State Bank
City Bank
Carbon Tax and Dividend

Prison reform (solitary confinement, etc.)
Eliminate death penalty
Support ACLU bail reform
Criminal Justice Reform
Only publicly owned prisons
End wars of intervention
Reduce military budget
100% sales tax on gun sales
Ban on assault weapons
Mandatory background checks on all gun sales

Reproductive health care for all
Medicare for all
Expand right to die
All states must provide Medicaid coverage
Support Planned Parenthood
Cannabis off DEA Schedule
No sale or transfer of Federal Public Lands or Monuments
No sale or transfer or leasing for extraction purposes of state public lands
Move SONGS waste inland
New US “green” energy system
Rejoin Paris Climate Accord
Community Choice Energy

Support the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities
Free public education (pre-school to 4 years of post high school education)
Strengthen and encourage unions
Livable wage
Basic income grant

First Sundays Climate Rally

Climate March and Rally to support a call for a national “WWII-scale” mobilization to move American off fossil fuels and on to wind, water and solar energy will be held on the first Sundays of the month at 1 pm at Federal Building Plaza. Your attendance is requested.

Dear Fellow Democrat,
With all the outrageous behavior coming from President Trump, none is more dangerous than his assertion that climate change is a hoax and his appointments of climate change deniers to his cabinet.
We know that the science is real , as is the relationship between rising temperatures and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This reality has put civilization at risk. Just last month our very own Scripps Institute of Oceanography issued a report saying we humans alive on the planet today face a slight–but distinct–possibility of extinction!  By mid-century the odds raise to a 20-30% possibility.
This is a warning that cannot go unheeded.
In the current political reality we do not believe ANYTHING other than people coming together to demand  government action will be effective.  That is why we are writing to ask for your help.
We ask that you join us on the first Sunday of the month and demand that the mobilization commence immediately and proceed at war time speed. The alternative presents an unthinkable future.

1pm at the Federal Building – 880 Front Street San Diego, CA 92101 Map

Derek B. Casady, President, La Jolla Democratic Club – 858-457-0246
For more information see: or